My first Blackboard Lettering Mural

We wish you a Merry Everything and Happy Always - Chalkboard Lettering Holidays mural
Mural Lettering design about Holidays season for my small adhesive chalkboard wall, handmade with real white chalk
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I created this lettering mural design for Holidays season for my small blackboard wall, I’m not really into Christmas, actually I’m kinda against of what it represent nowadays, but I think this quote is brilliant and it represent my thoughts about the Season: Enjoy every moment as it was special. This was sketched on iPad Pro 2018 with procreate first and then directly by hand to my adhesive blackboard wall with regular dust free chalk 🙂

The truth is this is not my first time doing calligraphy over blackboard, I’ve previously created a pair of designs on this style, because I’m obsessed with it. For example I created the board for a market I participated in Milano this year. Keeping a black sketchbook just for sketching and practice with my molotows or posca over black paper is my best recommendation to get better on this.

I really love chalkboard lettering and calligraphy. It would be amazing to have more typographic mural projects <3 My dream is to make an entire wall with my design! If you need something like this around Bergamo or Milano, Italy. Hire me here!

Update: *I’ve also created a very cute wedding calligraphy chalkboard. You can see it here!

Procreate Timelapse Process Video

Do you love to see process videos? It is so satisfying for me! You are invited to see this Procreate timelapse of the sketch for this Lettering Mural then just eyeball copied it in the wall later, it was really fun!

Final Result of the Lettering Mural

Blackboard Lettering Mural - Baking Design
I added some extra decorations for the background! This blackboard lettering mural is still there a year after, because I didn’t have the courage to erase it. Guilty!

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